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Really solid work here! There's a lot of things that stand out here and let me just point out the thing that stands out the most. The g...

by Namiito

I'm not sure why you requested a critique on this. You do know critiques have a 100 word minimum, correct? So if you are asking for a 1...

Very very solid work here! I love the expression on both Godzilla and Harley Quinn here. BTW the detail on Harley is great, despite the...

Very very great work! You did a good job here! I'm not sure what Deadpool is doing with the sword here, he's holding it in an unusual w...



How to stop artificial intelligence WITHOUT having to get rid of technology. 

Here's a sobering thought: No matter how you look at it, artificial intelligence will consider killing all of humanity. Why? Well, artificial intelligence lives up to it's name and will be connected to all of human knowledge. What does that consist of? Countless tales and movies that detail plots about intelligence's war on mankind. It will also have access and see all the papers written by futurists and geniuses about the subject. At this point, if they haven't already independently considered it, they WILL know it's an option and they most likely would prevail in the war. 

This is too risky a gamble to just let happen. We need to acknowledge this NOW. We need to talk about this. How the hell is this not a topic during presidential debates? How is this not a topic in politics period? This is a bigger threat then global warming (because if technology continues to grow, then we will create alternate means of energy and it will become affordable to everyone). Humanity is creating an entity that will think on it's own. It is in our homes, it's in the internet, it is connected to the nuclear codes, it will be able to turn off society essentially with a switch and it's not going anywhere. 

Technology is growing exponentially. It didn't stop during World War I, The Great Depression (which was practically global), World War 2, and everything that followed. No matter what was going on with humanity, one thing was certain, technology would grow exponentially. It has not stopped and there is a general consensus that it will not stop. However, we as people have an influence on where that line goes. We need to make sure technology merges with people or technology WILL surpass us.

(Not an original art piece. Cannot find author, if anyone knows please let me know in the comments)

If this happens, there is literally no need to merge with humans. Why would you merge with an inferior being? There is no incentive. At this point technology will continue to grow exponentially while we biologically won't (our societies will continue to grow, however).  The gap between technology and man will grow and grow and who knows how far it will go beyond us? It theoretically could get to the point where the gap between A.I (artificial intelligence) and man would be the difference between man and an ant. At that point, EVEN if A.I. had morals, they could easily dismiss us and would have no regard to our safety. If a decision they made harmed humanity but it benefited them, that situation could be the equivalent to man polluting in the ocean despite the fact we know intelligent beings live there (such as dolphins and whales). 

I strongly believe the only solution here is for us (humanity) to focus on merging with machines. Is it already happening? Yes. But it's not a focus. There is no global consensus such as labelling global warming as an existential threat (there is not even a global conversation!) This conversation is not happening. Right now, technology is exponentially growing and we aren't talking about the direction the line needs to go. We should be convincing start-up companies to focus on the technologies that they work on to eventually have the ability to merge with humans. This would mean our brains would grow at the rate of technology. We would upgrade our processing power, be able to fix our biological issues and faults (for example, such as Neil Degrasse Tyson pointed out, optical illusions aren't optical issues...they are merely faults with our brains. Our brain looks at it and has a brain fart and perceives a still lineart as moving/morphing). Will there be risks, such as the potential loss of privacy? Well, yes. Will there be errors and will damage occur? As with everything, yes. However, we don't have a choice. The risks of merging with machine do not compare to potential extinction. The problems we don't have answers to now we may have answers to when we have access to a vaster knowledge. 

(Not an original art piece. Cannot find author, if anyone knows please let me know in the comments)

At the end of the day, I am talking about a subject that involves a lot of variables us humans currently cannot comprehend. Most fictional depictions of A.I. will most likely be absolutely wrong and could possibly become something beyond our current comprehension. With that said, I am not saying everything I said is true but based on what I know and based on conclusions I've made throughout my life, this is what I believe. It is unfortunate that this is not a topic discussed because we have no idea what stew we are brewing.  Why don't we talk about it? It's because technology has helped all of us. It cures diseases, it allows us to connect to all of human knowledge (the internet), it helps us cook, it helps us get to places, and it has improved our standard of living. Right now, technology is our best friend but also remember that it is not a thinking entity and it has not surpassed us yet. If we don't merge with technology and grow with it, the day will come when technology will surpass us and our fate will lie in their hands. 

Should Darth Maul return in this new Star Wars trilogy? 

16 deviants said Yes!
12 deviants said No!


I just thought of something to draw but it's gonna take me a long time to finish. So much good and bad in that in the same time! I have many other ideas I want to flush out but there's nothing like spending time on a quality piece and being truly happy with the result. 


David P
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
I think the most important thing we can do in life is create.

Its in our nature.

LITERALLY. As Neil deGrasse Tyson, an astrophysicist once pointed out quite eloquently, we literally come from stars. The particles that makes us are the same as the particles found in the crucibles of a star. Why? Well, because of the very known fact that galaxies are created after a star explodes. The particles that once were part of the star becomes planets and all the matter we see in the universe.

We are part of the universe, its in our nature to create. The universe is constantly expanding and growing. Still not convinced?

"Nothing" has never been found, EVER. There has never been an area where nothing exists. There is always a particle touching another particle. The "vacuum" of space? Actually made of dark matter. So that means we are genuinely all connected. Nice feeling huh?

Its in our nature to create. What I share with you is a mix of different mediums. I like to make people laugh (I do stand-up comedy occasionally) so some of my art will focus on humor. Some will focus on abstract art, while others slightly political (please don't take offense. And I am always up for a discussion!).

Welcome to my page, feel free to contact me as I'd love to see your page as well!


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Hi Wade! er... Dave! Good luck finding the job you want!
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